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Here at Aurora, your wellness is our priority.  Our health and wellbeing services aim to provide a safe and relaxing environment where you can focus and reflect.  Through a combination of guided workshops and relaxation exercises you are encouraged to prioritise your own health and wellbeing.  We will help you to identify key areas for change and develop individual wellbeing goals.  You will leave our workshops with the tools required to tackle the stresses and strains of daily life, making you more resilient and confident in your future.

We offer a range of services

There are several ways to experience the benefits of Aurora Wellness.  Our experienced and highly trained team can help you to select the most appropriate service to meet your individual needs.


We offer a number of creative and fun half or full day personal development courses to start you on your journey to self-improvement.


For our corporate clients we have a variety of stress resilience courses that aim to support employees and managers become more effective and healthier in their workplace.


Our one to one and small group coaching packages allow for a more intimate and tailored development approach that is specific to your personal needs.

Our Upcoming Workshops

We have workshops to suit everybody and help with your wellbeing, check out our upcoming workshops.

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Our latest blog posts

We are constantly on the look out for new and interesting wellbeing initiatives and discussions, and we love to share what we learn.  We invite you to be part of the conversation.  Take some time to read our blog and share your thoughts and comments with us at  What’s on your mind?

In Honour of World Mental Health Day

In a deeply personal piece, Aurora Wellness co-founder Ngozi Weller, discusses her own mental health issues and what World Mental Health Day means to her. Fearaholic I have become quite adept at talking about my issues with mental health of late. It's not...

The Big Girl’s Guide to Making Friends

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have no trouble making friends and being comfortable in social situations, whereas others really struggle?  It isn't always easy to form friendships as an adult and for many, it doesn’t come naturally.  It requires...

How to Detach from Work… (and Reconnect with Yourself)

Each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for. Each of us needs to withdraw from the cares which will not withdraw from us.   Do you ever find it hard to switch off after work? Or feel guilty, when you do eventually...

We don't like to brag...

but we're happy for you to do it for us!

Good value for time and money

The training will help me to motivate myself in everything that I do at work, and will help me to achieve more.

Ability to connect with people...

Ngozi is an inspiration both in terms of her ability to bring out the best in others and just her as a woman. You will be hard pressed to meet someone with greater ability to connect with people, get to the heart of what they want to achieve and inspire them to get there. If you get the chance to work with her, do.

I learnt to break each goal into little steps...

Obehi has helped me assess my situation with my job and in my private life to identify stressors which prevented me from moving forward and achieving my goals. I learnt to break each goal into little steps… each goal achieved made me more content and happier and helped me reconnect with myself.

Always able to get to the heart of the issue...

Ngozi is extremely perceptive and is always able to get to the heart of the issue that is presenting...If learning to be happy and fulfilled is your thing, then this gracious and unique woman will enlighten you and make you smile. Lots.

Very encouraging and motivating...

Obehi has been very encouraging and motivating, and has helped me realise the strengths that I have that I didn’t see before.

A wealth of rich experience...

Ngozi is highly intelligent and incredibly knowledgeable and has a wealth of rich experience. She is a great communicator; very real and also just a lot of fun!

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