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Deloitte published their second report into workplace mental health, re-examining the case for corporate investment in mental health and wellbeing for their employees. The results of their updated ROI analysis show a financial case in favour of employers investing in mental health. On average employers obtain a return of £5 for every £1 (5.2:1) invested, but the ROI achieved depends on the effectiveness of the intervention employed. Interventions that achieve higher returns tend to have the following characteristics:


They offer a large‐scale culture change, or organisation‐wide initiatives supporting large numbers of employees.


They are focused on prevention or designed to build employee resilience.


They use technology or diagnostics to tailor support for those most at risk.

That is where we can help. The Aurora Wellbeing 360° provides a comprehensive approach to employee wellbeing.

The Aurora Wellbeing 360°

Our Approach to Workplace Wellbeing

01 Discovery

Through our discovery focus groups, surveys and analysis, we help you to build the business case for action and identify solutions that will really work for your people and thereby deliver effective and lasting change in your organisation.

04 Governance

We help you develop effective policies that establish, promote and maintain the mental health and wellbeing of your workforce and empower them to take responsibility for their own mental health and wellbeing. We provide reviews of existing policy and stewardship of its effectiveness over time.

02 Awareness

Through our talks and workshops we tackle the stigma associated with mental health problems, increase awareness of the signs and impact of poor mental health and provide appropriate training for ALL employees to enable them to talk openly about their mental wellbeing.

03 Empower

Through a combination of interactive workshops and tailored coaching, we up-skill your managers with the practical tools and strategies required to confidently handle sensitive issues around mental health, resulting in a more resilient and happier workforce.

Aurora Wellness Programmes

We believe that with our signature self-care and wellbeing programmes, any manager can help their employees take responsibility for their own mental health & wellbeing.

Forward-thinking, conscious companies are changing the way they think about workplace wellbeing. They’re beginning to shift away from reactive management of sickness absence and reduced productivity to proactive approaches to prevention through promoting wellbeing at work. And it all starts with communication.

This is where Aurora Wellness excels. We communicate clearly and concisely exactly how individuals can take responsibility for their own mental health and wellbeing, within the context of modern life. We have adapted the excellent evidence-based research conducted by the New Economics Foundation (NEF) government-backed ‘Foresight Project on Mental Capital and Wellbeing’ to develop a pragmatic approach to wellbeing.

Our workshops are ideal for raising awareness of the importance of mental health and wellbeing for all.
We examine the UK government’s 5 Ways of Wellbeing advice in detail and explore practical ways to achieve it. The workshops are designed for you to:


PAUSE - to consider why wellbeing matters to you personally


THINK - about changes you can make to improve your wellbeing


ACT - to develop a wellbeing strategy that works for you

Making good mental health and wellbeing an integral part of your corporate culture and encouraging your employees to engage with healthy wellbeing strategies is what we do best. We are passionate about seeing people reach their full potential and we know that you are too. Together, we can make wellbeing in your workplace easy!

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