Aurora Corporate Workshops

Building a resilient workforce

Corporate Courses

At Aurora we offer a variety of stress resilience courses that aim to support employees and managers become more effective and healthier in their workplace. Our courses are priced according to the time taken to deliver, rather than a set price for each type of course. We can also design bespoke packages tailored specifically for you. These will be charged at the same rates, plus an additional fee for research and development.

2 hour mini-workshops

Our 2 hour sessions are designed to be impactful and efficient, delivering significant benefit in a short time-frame. They can be stand-alone sessions or incorporated into an existing team meeting – it’s up to you!

Half Day Courses

Our Half day sessions allow for a deeper dive into topics that have a significant impact on mental health and wellbeing.

1 & 2 day courses

Our full day programmes allow for a thorough exploration of the most significant issues affecting workplace productivity and employee wellness.

Residential & Bespoke Courses

For those clients with specific needs, we are happy to develop customised programmes. We also offer residential courses for a fully immersive personal development experience.

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