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I am a natural worrier, always have been. Worrying is my way of solving problems before they arise. But I am determined to be a “turn that frown upside down” kinda girl, so outwardly I focus on the bright side of life. To me this was the perfect balance between caution and optimism, until it wasn’t. I was 37 when I had my first real panic attack. Of course it didn’t happen overnight. It started with a little bit of worry everyday. Seemingly reasonable concerns that anyone might have about their job; how was I perceived at work? Was I doing well enough? At some point those worries grew bigger and the negative voices in my head got louder. It started to spill outside the work box into other areas of my life; what if he doesn’t love me anymore? What if they don’t think I’m a good mother? But I still didn’t want to worry anybody so I kept quiet, desperate for them not to find out.
Pretty soon I was having difficulty sleeping and was waking up in the night to that soundtrack in my head reminding me of all the terrible things that could happen. I thought it was a phase, that it would pass. I thought that if I just tried harder, worked harder, that it would all get better. Anxiety was like the school bully living inside my head. Eventually I learnt that the best way to stand up to bullies is to ignore them. Someone wise told me that worry is like a plant – if you feed it, it will grow. If you don’t, it will wither and die. Once I was free from my tormentor, I determined that nobody should ever have to live with that kind of fear and shame. There is life after depression and it can be brighter than you can ever imagine. It is your right to be happy and fulfilled, and together we will find out how.

My Favourite Workshop

Feel the fear and do it anyway

Half day workshop to tackle Imposter Syndrome feelings and develop techniques to challenge it.

For years I struggled with the fear and self-doubt that comes with Imposter Syndrome. Despite having done extremely well academically, always exceeding my expectations, I never felt good enough. I never felt like I truly deserved the praise and was reluctant to fight for recognition. Now I know better and it is my mission to make sure that you also recognise your true worth.

Ngozi is first and foremost a ‘people person’. She is heart centred and approachable, empathetic and easy to talk to. She somehow manages to combine this with a very practical approah to problem solving. She encourages you to express your deepest feelings and to come away with steps to move forward.

Obehi Alofoje

My Highlights

  • Programme developer and facilitator
  • Management training consultant, mentor, motivational speaker
  • Entrepreneur with over 15 years corporate experience
  • Happily married mother of two young children
  • Special interest in women’s Health and Wellbeing
  • Personal experience overcoming mental and severe physical health issues

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